Galaxy S8 Edge Price – Features, Rumors & Expectations


Although S8 Edge will come with latest specifications and features, the Galaxy S8 Edge price is expected to be justifiable.

Based on the reports, Samsung is most likely to stick with the same price range for the upcoming Galaxy S8 Edge in 2017.

The rumors give an absurd idea about the release date of Galaxy S8 edge however based on the previous versions; we can expect Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge release date to be some day in the first quarter of 2017.

Galaxy S8 Edge Price

The price of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a little more than the standard Galaxy S8, as the people here in the US can anticipate seeing a $50 difference. For the people of the United States can expect to see a price tag of about $850 which is considerably less than early speculation for an $1100 full purchase price.

Below, we have all the pricing details about the Galaxy S8 Edge.

CountryGalaxy S8 Edge Price
Canada1150 CAD
Germany1975 DM
France1016.93 Euro

The price listed above are of Galaxy S8 Edge 64GB.

Features of Galaxy S8 Edge

A few of the Galaxy S8 Edge features will extend on the S7 Edge including a much better eye scanner, 4K recording, remarkable durability with a more recent version of Gorilla Glass protection and a much-charging technology. Ultra fast charging, with the wired charger is rumored to fully charge the handset from 0% to 100% in just over 30 minutes. Wireless charging will be a bit slow as it will take about 45 minutes, but it will still be far better than the recharging time of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

galaxy S8 Edge price


Either the standard S8 or S8 Edge will be water resistant as the popular rugged Active will debut once again in the new concept. We’re also hearing about the new Edge will work with the newest version of HTML markup, Bluetooth 5.0, and the latest version of the Android OS preinstalled which will launch just months before.

Concept of Galaxy S8 Edge

The speed will compete with any other 2017 smartphones, and all other elements will be getting a hit including boosted visual display, expanded security features, more camera features.

With mobile payment options, expect to see more marketing along with Samsung and Android Pay. With Apple Pay, mobile payment innovation was begun by Apple. However, both Google and Samsung are making large strides, and this will be seen again with the latest flagship.

The new version of the Corning Gorilla glass and the durable glass-like surround will not just considerably improve the durability of the screen but also the surround.

Both S8 versions will provide a premium glass outer body which will protect both the front and back of the Smartphone.

Consumers who take advantage of pre-orders will probably get their new smartphone-dispatched to them a day before its release across the world from the top merchants including T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and several others.

The leading carriers worldwide will begin taking Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders two or three weeks before the actual release. Those who wish to get their hands on a handset before the launch must consider this.

Those who pre-order Galaxy S8 Edge will get the best possibility to secure a handset on the day of release, and be seeing the huge customer interest, there’s severe possibility that its release will hold-up.

The Galaxy S series is among the top and most consistent Smartphone designs of all-time in recent years. Preorders will also give some larger markets to get their new phone days or weeks before, for those who choose to purchase on the day of release.