Galaxy S8 Edge Features – Specs, Price and Release Date


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge features are going to be something worth waiting for; However, Galaxy S8 Edge won’t be seen up until the early 2nd quarter of 2017 you just might want to wait.

Samsung is going to advance themselves as being an elite mobile phone manufacturer, and taking the Edge concept to the next level is something we’re fully expecting.

Galaxy S8 Edge Features

The Galaxy S8 Edge will be the 3rd curved release in the popular S-flagship, and based on rumors we’re all in for a definite treat.

The new concept plans to integrate everything unique including giving us more viewing angles and better productivity on the performance.

We can all expect to see a bigger screen, more speed, more internal storage, faster processor, and much more.

This preview details all on the upcoming launch including all there is to know about the Galaxy S8 Edge features, specs, price, and release date info are all mentioned below.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Display

Samsung has exhibited a 5.5-inch 4K display, and if it weren’t for the absence of curves, this would seem an obvious fit for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

5.5 inches is how big the S7 Edge is, and a 4K resolution is the next logical step after the QHD display.

Galaxy S8 Edge Features

The screen has a pixel density of 806 pixels per inch, so it’s unbelievably sharp, and while it hasn’t particularly linked to either the S8 or the S8 Edge, Chinese sources speaking to WCCF Tech reckon a 4K display will hit Samsung’s next flagship.

Samsung has the record to display its highest specs in the Edge versions.


Samsung Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has significantly improved its fingerprint scanners since the Galaxy S5, and it’s still not perfect. With the Galaxy S7 Edge, it’s not uncommon for the scanner to fail on your first attempt and there are limited options in fingerprint scanner.

Yes, you can use it to protect your phone. It would be great if Galaxy S8 Edge lets you lock specific apps too.

Fully Waterproof

Among the very best features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is its water resistance.
It gives you the certainty that you can use it in the rain, or if a beverage gets spilled on it, the phone will still work afterwards.

Galaxy S8 Edge Features

That’s all terrific, but with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, we’d like it to go one step further and offer real waterproofing.

The S8 Edge will feature a dazzling camera and will have the ability to take it scuba diving to snap photos under the sea; it would be fantastic.

Always-on Display

Galaxy S8 Edge Features

Speaking of battery life, one of the great features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is its always-on display. While it can save battery by not firing up the CPU every time you want to check the time, it uses around 0.8% of the phone’s battery per hour in itself.

So we would like to see it get more efficient for Galaxy S8 Edge. And also like to be a bit more useful currently in Galaxy S7 Edge, it doesn’t support alert for all apps.

Release Date of Galaxy S8 Edge

(Update 1: 17 February 2017) The Samsung Galaxy S8 release date is now expected to be held on 21st of April 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge released at MWC 2016, and there is good chance that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will launch at next event. Mobile World Congress 2017 is set to take place between February 27 and March 2.