Rumors Are Suggesting a Foldable Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017


Despite the fact that the Galaxy S7 is still fairly new, fans are still thrilled about the Samsung Galaxy S8. Because of this, a lot of reports are beginning to turn up. A lot of speculations now states that the most recent Samsung Galaxy phone will have a rather strange design, and according to MNR Daily the Foldable Samsung Galaxy S8. This is certainly uncommon, considering that this feature was last produced phones way back ten years earlier.

Rumors: Samsung Might Launch Foldable Samsung Galaxy S8

Now, the reports are still quite improbable, however, if they turn out to be real, there might be a much fresher design for Samsung’s being successful mobile phones. It may even set a greater standard for visual appeals for producers regarding phone design.

A lot of speculations currently indicates Samsung awaiting the correct time to re-establish this design. With this, it might even be said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will become their flagship for this design, in addition to other upcoming mobile phones manufactured by this company.

According to 4k. Com, it could be possible for the most recent Samsung Galaxy phone to have a 4K resolution as its standard graphics quality with Foldable Samsung Galaxy S8 (It’s not yet verified). However, it isn’t conclusive, and this is because a lot of phone producers are now beginning to use this next-generation display screen, and it’s possible that Samsung is doing the very same.


Foldable Samsung Galaxy S8

In any case, as long as Samsung does not provide a guaranteed statement, these reports will continue to report, no matter how rational they might be. The S7 is still rather new on the market so that it may take rather a bit of time before any advancement for the S8 is verified.

Apart from the VR resolution and the possible foldable and bendable design, Mobipicker reports that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also feature 6 GB DRAM and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830. Experts state this make good sense if the phone has a VR feature.

The timing comes as mobile phone sales have been lagging in current months, and this could be due to that while there are new designs every year, the designs and features have barely been enhanced or altered. With Samsung teasing its upcoming prototypes, it’s doing its best to stimulate renewed interest in mobile phones. It’s also upping the ante for other smartphone producers, such as Apple’s iPhone, it’s the greatest rival. Tech heads ought to anticipate 2017 to be an exciting year for mobile phone releases.