The First Look At the Brand New Galaxy S8 Official Photos


Samsung finally unveiled the hotly anticipated Galaxy S8 flagship after a long wait. The battle to regain the market is at its peak now. As many of the rival companies launched their flagship phones during Mobile World Congress (MWC) event last month and Apple is going to release iPhone 8 in September. The South Korean tech giant lost the market leadership against Apple after the embarrassing Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. So, the Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly gorgeous. The flat screen days are gone, and now both models are tall with two curved sides. So, let’s look at the brand new Galaxy S8 official photos.

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Brand New Galaxy S8 Official Photos

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So, these are the brand new images of Galaxy S8. We must say that there is no smartphone in the market right now which is better than Samsung Galaxy S8. The look, specs, features and everything is beautiful. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about the new flagship by Samsung.