Features of Galaxy S8 Edge – Pros and Cons Comparison


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be small smartphone undoubtedly, but alongside it, we’re expecting to see another device the S8 Edge. Both mobile phones need to be fantastic, but if you’re unsure which one to get. We’ll be listing some features of Galaxy S8 Edge, advantages and disadvantages to assist you in choosing whether Edge is better or worse for you.

Features of Galaxy S8 Edge

Features of Galaxy S8 Edge

Pro: Edge Apps

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge benefits and drawbacks, the most significant thing that stands apart is that the Edge adds some additional capability. With the S8 Edge, there will hopefully be a couple of new things that you’ll be able to use the curved display for. Normally, the Edge display screen has been used for displaying notices and call details in the past, but there is lots of potential to use it for other quick details.


Pro: Convenience

Because of the method, the Galaxy S8 Edge display will be curved; it will become much easier to see the material, and you won’t have to be standing over the device to see any details about them. This is an added convenience feature that would not be offered on the standard Samsung Galaxy S8.

Con: Price

The first con to speak about is, of course, the price distinction. The pricing of the Galaxy S8 Edge will constantly be higher than the standard S8 since more costly innovation has been utilized on the display screen. Whether or not this con suffices to prevent you from picking up the Edge version comes down to one easy concern. If you could sum the ‘Edge’ feature to your modern smartphone for the price difference in between the standard S8 and the S8 Edge, would you spend that money? If you would, then definitely go and pick up the S8 Edge! If you’re not so sure, the standard Galaxy S8 may be a better option.

Con: Comfort

Considering that the Galaxy S6, the Edge versions have always been a little less comfortable to keep in your hand. The devices look stunning, but when it comes to actually using them, the curved display screens do dig in a little. Ideally, this comfort problem will be repaired in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge. However, we cannot deny that we’re a little anxious about the comfort.