Dual Camera Of Samsung Galaxy S8 – News And Other Updates


Samsung will not launch the Galaxy S8 up until February 2017, but rumors of the flagship smartphone have already started. The most current dual camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 suggests that the device might have a dual camera setup. The smartphone owners often use their smartphones for taking photos on the go. The camera technology in handsets has improved a lot over the last decade, and lots of people search for a good camera on their phones.

Dual Camera Of Samsung Galaxy S8

Most of the smartphones readily available in the market have single camera setup. The trend might alter in the near term as previous reports have suggested that Samsung is preparing to implement the Galaxy Note 6/7 edge, which is anticipated to be exposed in August this year, with dual camera.

Dual Camera of Samsung Galaxy S8


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be one of the most awaited smartphones of 2017, and avid smartphone photographers will assume that the smartphones come with a dual camera setup, which will allow users to take top quality images.

Reports regarding the Galaxy S8 will continue emerging until it is unveiled. However, if the South Korean company launches the Galaxy Note 6/7 edge with the dual camera, then it will be highly likely for the Galaxy S8 to be geared up with the very same camera setup.

According to the dual camera of Samsung Galaxy S8, the company is providing 30mp rear camera and 9mp front camera. The Dual camera setup improves the total photo quality, handsets with dual camera lens permit users to catch top quality wide angle images. Devices with dual camera setup also record more light, which leads to sharper and clearer images even in low light conditions.

Apart from the dual camera lens, the Galaxy S8 is anticipated to feature a 4K or Ultra HD display technology. Devices with 4K capability also offer improved VR experience. The high display screen resolution will draw a lot of power, which indicates that the rumored Samsung handset will also have a bigger battery.