Difference between galaxy S8 and S8 Edge


The current reports suggest that people in South Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan will likely see a difference between Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge when they both will appear for customer purchase at the end of April. Those in Europe and the United States would have to wait just a bit longer as the 2nd-3rd week in April 2017.

Difference between galaxy S8 and S8 Edge

The phones are reported to come with 4K Ultra HD display screen, which will bring the Galaxy visual experience to an entirely new exciting level. The predecessor of the S-series currently hailed the very best in the display department with their gorgeous OLED display screens. The company showed a prototype of its development throughout the Display Week Conference.

According to a tech blog site, ChristianToday, the display screen determined 5.5 inches and possess a jaw-dropping 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and 806ppi pixel density. It was also developed to accommodate Virtual Reality with Android N Daydream Virtual Reality assistance in tow.

Forbes thinks that the Difference between galaxy s8 and s8 Edge will be the first to have both the active new display screen, however, this isn’t yet validated. The website describes that the South Korea-based tech company has the tendency to update its flagships’ display screens bi-annually. Its last two releases put on the Quad HD screen while the ones before that had full HD screens.”

When it comes to the specifications, the phones are reported to come with 6GB RAM. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor, 4,200 mAh battery, a fingerprint sensing unit and an IP68 score, 30MP rear camera and 9MP front camera, 64 and 128 GB memory and expandable with dual micro SD cards and more.


Difference between galaxy s8 and s8 Edge

According to Galaxy8Info, Samsung Galaxy S8 features will fixate increasing security while enhancing speed, efficiency, and making both the S8 and S8 Edge more practical. We’ve been becoming aware of eye noticing innovation for a rather long time, and it appears that the company will be enhancing the eye scanner.

The eye retina scanner in both S8 designs will be more responsive and take less time to register. Expecting to see a much faster processor, more durable glass surround, much better features, equivalent in price, and more performance with peripherals.

Reports have been hypothesizing that the new price of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge will choose 850 USD and 900 USD respectively– somewhat more than its predecessor at the time of launch, however, Samsung is determined on keeping the launch day rates around the very same.