Conception Ahead – Galaxy S8 Concept


With the Galaxy S7 now in the market, Samsung is currently focusing on Samsung Galaxy S8 concept. The consumer electronics market moves so rapidly that the next smartphone release is, in truth, being intended before the existing one has even hit the stores!

Galaxy S8 Concept Photos

The recently release concept photos of the Samsung Galaxy S8 visualizes a mobile phone that features a steel framework covered in glass. This would indeed offer a streamlined appearance for the next generation crown jewel cell phone, although some viewers have recommended that the design is better matched to a Galaxy Note 6 or Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy S8 Concept Photo

 Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Photos

Among one of the most significant physical facets of this conception is the hardly seen bezels on either side of the screen. It is recognizable that there is a boosting propensity in not only the mobile phone industry but the consumer electronic devices particular niche in its entirety, to slim down bezels. Samsung’s very own variety of premium tv set is noteworthy for having barely any kind of bezels at all, with the vibrant Samsung branding that would certainly have appeared on the exterior now only just visible.

On top of that, the front-facing camera system in this Galaxy S8 concept is rather small, and also, it shows up that the back camera flash is excluded from the tool entirely. These makes offer an appealing taste of a few of the design elements that Samsung can presently be considering for the Galaxy S8.

Battery Innovation

Somewhere else, there is currently demonstration that the generation of next Samsung flagship could take advantage of ingenious battery innovation. A new growth for fuel cells could generate batteries that have the ability to power smart devices for double the length of their existing battery lives, revolutionizing the industry and also making use of the next generation smart devices considerably more convenient.


Galaxy S8 Concept Photo

4K ResolutionComing

Aside from the modern battery technology as well as concept images, it is practical to think that the Galaxy S8 will certainly be an outright stinker in regards to specifications and also features. One face that can be correctly anticipated when it comes to this 2017 smart device is the inclusion of a 4K resolution display screen as we seen above.

Galaxy S8 Flexible Screen

Memory Increase

Samsung is likewise expected to make certain that the Galaxy S8 showcases 256 GB of onboard memory storage, improving the capacity above the 200GB that is feasible in the existing generation via micro SD. Apple is expected to enhance the storage capability of the premium version of the iPhone 7 to 256 GB, and hence, this would be a direct feedback to one of the most prominent rivals of the Korean company.

Lastly, the Galaxy S8 can have a significant PC gaming focus when it is launched, as some files have already indicated that the Korean electronic devices giant is working on an exceptionally efficient chip architecture with the intention of incorporating it within the Galaxy S8. Some sources also suggest that this will certainly put the Galaxy S8 roughly on a par with the PS4 and also Xbox One gaming consoles.