5 Rumors About Samsung Galaxy S8 That Might Be Possibly True


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be launch this spring on 26th of February 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The unpacked ceremony has still a few months, but according to our reliable sources, there are four rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8 that might be possibly true.

Rumors About Samsung Galaxy S8

Rumors About Samsung Galaxy S8

The almost certain rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8 includes these four things.

Dual Lens Camera

There were rumors earlier, suggesting that Samsung will come up with 30 MP camera but jumping from 12 MP (Samsung Galaxy S7 models have 12 MP) to 30 MP sounds just a failed rumor.


Now, we hear about the dual-lens camera in upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 from reliable sources, and it will be 12 MP to 16 MP. It will function like iPhone 7 Plus camera.

No Headphone Jack

The Samsung company is also planning to eliminate the headphone jack of 3.5 mm from its next flagship. Now you will listen to audio wirelessly on your upcoming Galaxy S8.

Built-In Mini Projector

The above mention two rumors were just a copy of iPhone 7 and nothing else. However, this feature is something which any smartphone company can brag about it. Now games and movies enthusiasts can enjoy their favorites games and movies on the built-in mini projector anywhere and everywhere.

Qualcomm Snap Dragon 830

The predecessor Samsung Galaxy S7 has Snap Dragon 820 processor, and newly launched Google Pixel has Snap Dragon 821 processor. However, Samsung is going to redefine the processing of smartphones through Snap Dragon 830 processor.

Arm’s Mali-G71

This graphic processor is going to revolutionalize the gaming and everything related to graphics. With the combination of ARM’s Mali-G71 and Snap Dragon 830, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will become the most powerful and fastest phone ever, both graphically and computationally.