13 Confirmed Things About Galaxy S8 You Need To Know


After months of speculations and leaks, everything is crystal clear now as Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus at the Unpacked Event held in New York. Now everything is confirmed, so we thought to compile 13 confirmed things about Galaxy S8 you need to know.

These Are The 13 Confirmed Things About Galaxy S8 You Need To Know

The 13 Confirmed Things About Galaxy S8

  1. Release Date
  2. Pre-Orders
  3. Home button
  4. Big Screen
  5. Infinity Display
  6. Iris And Facial Recognition
  7. Bixby
  8. Front Camera
  9. Rear Camera
  10. Headphone Jack
  11. Water Resistant
  12. Fingerprint Scanner
  13. DeX

Release Date

Now the Galaxy S8 has been launched, and everyone is waiting for the release date. So, Galaxy S8 release date is 21st of April 2017.

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You do not have to wait till 21st of April to get your hands on Galaxy S8. You can pre-order Galaxy S8 from 10th of April 2017.


The fans will get free Samsung Gear VR along with its controller if they purchase Galaxy S8 through pre-order.

Home button

Finally, Samsung has ditched the physical home button. The home button is gone. It is now a digital home button which leaves more space for the Quad HD screen.

Bigger screen

The Galaxy S8 has the screen size of 5.8 inches, and the Galaxy S8 Plus has the massive screen of 6.2 inches.

Infinity Display

Not only Galaxy S8 has the bigger screen but after the removal of the home button, side bezels, and thin top and bottom bezels Galaxy S8 entire front is all screen. Samsung is calling it ‘Infinity Display.’

Iris And Facial Recognition

You can unlock the Galaxy S8 through iris scanner. There is also a facial recognition, faster than iris scanner but less secure.


Bixby is a voice assistant, similar to iPhone’s Siri. It can also identify products and offer related links.

Front Camera

The front camera has been updated. Now it is 8 megapixels with the best aperture of f/1.7 in the market.

Rear Camera

The rear camera is 12 megapixels with the same aperture of f/1.7. Other camera features include dual pixel phase detection autofocus and multi-shot image stacking.

Headphone jack

Thanks to Samsung, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is still there. Every earlier rumor about the Galaxy S8 is 100% correct, but the removal of headphone jack story proved wrong.

Water resistant

The Galaxy S8 has every feature which was in its predecessor Galaxy S7. So it features water resistant technology of IP68 rating as well.

Fingerprint scanner

As we all expected, the Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner is rear, and it is located right beside the back camera.


The DeX is the short form of ‘Desktop Experience.’ Samsung is offering a separate dock for the Galaxy S8 called DeX. It displays a version of Android onto your computer. It turns the phone into a desktop-like machine.


So these were 13 confirmed things about Galaxy S8. We hope you liked it. Everything rumored and speculated earlier proved accurate except the removal of the headphone jack. We should thank Samsung for retaining it.